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Powerwave Technologies is a global leader in end-to-end wireless coverage and capacity solutions. Powerwave Technologies Inc. offers cutting edge wireless infrastructure solutions to address the growing demands of enterprise and commercial customers. Powerwave offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including Antennas, Base Station and Coverage Solutions. Our product line supports all wireless network protocols and frequencies including Next Generation Networks in 4G LTE® technology.

Powerwave solutions, products and services enables wireless operators and OEMs to reduce capital and operating expenses, speed up rollout of services, improve coverage, capacity and reduce environmental impact.



Powerwave, has a long history of innovation. For the past two decades Powerwave has acquired the most innovative and leading wireless companies around the globe most notably:

HP’s RF Power Amplifier Business

  • Certain Assets of Ericsson Amplifier Technology, Inc.
  • LGP Allgon
  • REMEC Wireless System business
  • Filtronic Wireless Infrastructure Business

For the past 80 years Powerwave and its acquired entities provided tier one OEM’s and Operators around the globe with the most innovative Communication infrastructure products and solutions. Our extensive experience and expertise made us a renowned leader in Multi-Carrier Power Amplifier, Digital Remote Radio Head, Base Station Antenna’s, Repeaters, Filters, Splitters, Combiners, Tower Mounted Amplifiers and DAS solutions. Powerwave has millions of Power Amplifiers and antennas deployed in some of the World`s most advanced Wireless Networks.

Today, we are combining that pioneering spirit with SmartLink Technologies vision and commitment to develop the next generation of Wireless Network Solutions Tool-Kit that creates unparalleled value and opportunity for our Customers, Employees, Investors, Network Partners, OEM, Neutral Host and Operators.


Why Powerwave

    • One source for innovative wireless products, services and support
    • RF-engineering and network management services
    • Global presence
    • Focused on innovation

Incomparable wireless expertise

  • Access to top inventors and innovators named over 100 US and International patents
  • Leveraging a team of experts with excess $500 million USD researched knowledge and experience in latest wireless techniques