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Antenna Products

Products specifically designed

to meet real world challenges for

mature networks, offering high

performance, easy deployment

and cost-effective solutions.

Powerwave’s line-up of antenna solutions includes single broadband antennas, multi-broadband antennas and triple-broadband antennas that support frequencies ranging from 700MHZ to 2600MHZ.

More functionality within a smaller footprint,using footprint components,gives you higher reliability,faster installs,reduced maintenance and fewer dropped calls during peak-usage times whether traveling through the most remote rural areas or the densest urban jungles.

Products that know no boundaries

A powerfull global supplier of end-to-end wireless infrastructure products, Powerwave offers a broad product portfolio including:

Antenna Products

Offering one of the most extensive lines of base station antennas, Powerwave’s production portfolio covers all major frequency and air ┬áinterfaces and is coupled with engineering expertise forged by delivering more than 1.5 million antennas the world over. A focus on quality, innovation and performance results in antenna products that address today’s greatest real world challenges.

Clean Site Antenna Products

Clean size antenna products offer maximize tower space by integrating single and multi band antennas with high-performance TMA and RET under a single randome.


LTE Product for 700MHz

LTE products for 700 MHz offers single and multi band models with iRET capabilities. Powerwave’s antennas address LTE networks demand of USLS,PIM suppression and consistent VSWR performance.


2.5 GHz Antennas

2.5 GHz antennas allow operators to leverage the emerging 2.5G spectrum and support both WiMAX and LTE protocols.


Single,Dual and Triple Band Antenna Products

Powerwave antenna deploy networks rapidly with the worlds highest quality line of antennas available in a multitude of configurations.